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Welcome to my SHADOW ALPHABET!

Visit YouTube to see the  SHADOW ALPHABET RAP, by Math Master G! Click here.

I probably dreamed up the "shadow alphabet" typeface while doodling in some college class. It works like this:

Imagine an alphabet of block letters ... then picture where their shadows would fall if a light source were shining on them from their lower left. (The light could also come from other directions; this is just the one I've used.) My "shadow alphabet" consists of those shadows. An eye — sometimes naturally, sometimes with practice — can fill in the missing letter parts. Check it out:

Shadow Alphabet part 1

Shadow Alphabet part 2

You can see letters even though parts of them aren't really there. Paradoxical, isn't it?

That's a simplified view of how the shadows would look. In reality, they would be longest/thickest on letter parts that face toward the upper right, and they would get thinner on letter parts that face in other directions (with no shadow at all on parts that face left or down). So the strokes of the shadow alphabet should have varying thicknesses; I'm just keeping it simple.

As a teacher, I've shown "shadow alphabet" writing to many middle school classes. Some kids can read it right away, while others need time to let their minds assemble the fragments into recognizable characters.

I reserve the rights to this alphabet's concept and its representation. If you'd like to employ this type of font/typeface for a commercial purpose, please email me here: